how to size yourself

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Forget going to the mall and "maybe" getting into the correct size bra.  We are going to show you how to do it yourself!  It is such a handy piece of information to use as time goes on.  Our bodies change a lot, as do our bra sizes!  Being in an ill-fitting bra is not fun for anyone.  So follow along and you will never have to get sized by someone else again :)


Step 1

First, you will need a flexible fabric measuring tape.  You can find them at your local fabric store, or even the dollar store.


Step 2

With your bra on, measure around your rib cage and write that number down. 


Step 3

With your bra on, measure the fullest part of your bust.  Make sure the bra you are in isn't super padded or super tight.  Write down that number. 


now it's time for some math

This is where it can get a little confusing, but follow along and you will be sized correctly. 

Start with the rib cage number.  Since bra sizes are based on even numbers, you will need to bump your number UP to the next EVEN number.  If you measure at a 35 bump it up to a 36.  If you measure at a 33, bump it up to a 34.  And this is your final band measurement. 

Now you have two numbers:  Your final band number and the fullest part of your bust number.  You need to calculate the difference between these two numbers to get your cup size. Each inch equals 1 cup size. 

So, if your bottom number is 36 and your top number is 40 your bra size is a 36 D because there is a 4 inch difference. 

1 inch A

2 inch B

3 inch C

4 inch D

5 inch DD

6 inch DDD

7 inch G

8 inch H

9 inch I

...and so on :)



Buying For Your Lady?


Here are some quick tips to get her bra and panty sizes:

#1 - Find one of her favorite bras and find the letter and number combinations.  Something like 34D or 38DD and take a look at her panties as well.  Usually, it will be a S, M, L etc.  

#2 - Look at her jean sizes (we can translate from there).

#3 - Simply ask.


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