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We welcome you with open arms and hope you enjoy your massive success! As a consultant, you have an exciting opportunity ahead that very few will ever experience. Not only to make huge amounts of money, but to create financial stability for you and your family that will last and last.

We are looking for highly driven people with massive amounts of motivation and skills. We believe, without a doubt, everyone will make it to the top. Once you decide to join Oooh-La-La, you will begin your journey to produce residual income. That means you will get paid every month for each club member that becomes a "part of the club" directly under you for as long as they are a member! How amazing is that?!

Start Up Kits

As a consultant, Oooh-La-La provides easy start up to begin profiting as soon as possible. We provide start up kits for those consultants who would like to take it to the next level and become a top producer right away. The cost of the kit is $250.00. The start up kits contain various items of different size and style to display for your clients, sign up sheets, hand outs, measuring tape and any additional brochures all wrapped up in an elegant case to carry around. Each kit contains 50 sign up sheets, 50 handouts, 5 hostess gifts and 5 panty gifts, 7 Bras, 2 matching bra sets and 10 pairs of panties. You will also receive your training materials with your kit to begin your Oooh-La-La Journey as well as personal training phone calls, webinars, and podcasts to ensure your success.


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